5174 numbered Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Law and Law of Chambers and Exchanges, Article: 12

Duties of chambers of commerce and industry, chambers of commerce, chambers of industry and chambers of maritime trade are stated hereunder:

To protect and enhance professional ethics, discipline and solidarity, to endeavour to progress commerce and industry for the furtherance of public welfare.

To compile and communicate information and news regarding commerce and industry to the persons concerned, above all to render required information by public authorities within the purview of relevant laws and to furnish all kinds of information to members in the event of application that they may need in their professional fulfillment or to ease obtaining of those, to make guiding attempts regarding electronic commerce and internet networks, to organize and operate substructure in these respects.

To make all kinds of studies concerning commerce and industry, to provide indexes and statistics regarding economic, commercial and industrial activities, to follow, record, publish by proper media.

To issue and ratify documents stated in 26th article.

To submit proposals, to express requests and to file applications to public authorities regarding subjects about professional activities; to sue in members’ name or its own name by act of parliement in case that all or a part of its members have professional interests.

To determine commercial and industrial customs, usages, practices being within the sphere of activity, to submit them to the approval of Ministry and to declare.

To adopt professional resolutions to be adhered compulsorily by its members.

To attend fairs and exhibitons at home and abroad.

To determine and ratify ceiling tariffs of goods and services provided for in the article 125 of 507 numbered Craftsmen and Artisans Law for its members in conformity with regulation executed by Ministry.

To endeavour to progress maritime trade for the furtherance of public welfare, in accordance with national transportation and maritime trade policy.

To make studies concerning national and international maritime trade and to supply information in this respect, to gather such information as freight charges, agency commission and expenses between Turkish ports and foreign ports and port costs and to publish them by proper media on a very fast basis, to pursue the very latest improvements about global maritime trade, to provide statistics and to announce them to the persons concerned.

To determine and declare maritime commercial customs, usages and practices, to prepare contracts of affreightment, type forms pertaining to consignment and etc.

To enlighten foreign ship owners and affreighters and maritime institutions about opportunities, operations, tariffs and port costs of Turkish ports and supply such information from them.

To enrol as a member of international maritime organisations and to provide delegate.

To umpire in maritime cases under dispute at the request of persons concerned.

To prepare service cost of maritime agency and to submit them to the approval of Ministry.

To fulfill duties entrusted by other legislations and to be assigned to it by Union and Ministry within the purview of relevant laws.

To keep member records in respect of standards determined by Union and to retain documents belonging membership subscriptions and to declare them to Union in case of demand.

To fulfill duties assigned to ministries or other public bodies and entities by legislation when conferred on chambers within the framework of establishment purposes and sphere of activity declared in this Law.

To issue documents that members need and to provide required services pertaining to them.

To submit proposal to Union by assessing applications to be committed about internal fairs.

To analyse consumer complaints on its members and to be active in other operations in accordance with establishment purposes.

To prepare capacity reports for industrialists by chambers of commerce and industry, and by chambers of industry which chamber of commerce and chamber of industry are in seperate cities.

Within the purview of legal provisions Chambers’ duties are thereto:

To establish quality determination-oriented laboratories or to participate in them, to establish international calibration, test-surveying laboratories or to participate in them, to provide certification services,

To establish courses concerning commerce, maritime and industry by the licence and supervision of Ministry of Education, to afford assistance to established courses, to finance students for departments which are needed at home and abroad and to have trainees; to perform development and guidance studies of professional and technical education and teaching, on condition that it is limited to members’ workplaces to prepare documents related to this application on trade sections which are not included in 3308 numbered Professional Education Bill.

To umpire in commercial and industrial cases under dispute at the request of persons concerned, to constitute arbitration boards.

To attend exhibitons, fairs, public warehouses, storehouses, museums and libraries which are already opened or will be opened.

To establish and administer industrial estates, industrial sites, organized industrial zones, technological development zones, technoparks, technology centers on areas concurred by authorized ministry; to be free zone founder and operator or free zone operator within the purview of 3218 numbered Free Zones Law, to administer warehouse, and to build, administer fairgrounds, convention centers and trade centers or participate in established ones.