Fee Payment Obligation

Payments of our members registered to our chamber that they are obliged to pay to our room

  • Registration Fee: The fee that the member is obliged to pay during the registration to the Chamber. Registration Fee is determined by the Board of Directors of the Chamber every year, provided that it complies with the lower and upper limits specified in the Law, and comes into effect with the decision of the Chamber Council.
  • Annual Fee: It is the fee that the member is obliged to pay each year according to the degree of registration. The annual fee is determined by the Board of Directors of the Chamber, provided that the lower and upper limits specified in the Law are complied with each year and come into effect with the decision of the Chamber Council.
  • Supertax: It is a fee that is collected at the rate of eight per thousand over the previous year's commercial and corporate income. Ceiling Limit The annual fee cannot be more than 10 times the ceiling limit.

(The registration fee and the annual fee cannot be less than ten percent or more than half of the gross amount of the monthly minimum wage applied for those over the age of sixteen.)

Annual dues and supplementary dues are paid in two equal installments in June and October of each year. For dues that are not paid within these periods, a delay increase is accrued and collected at the rates in force pursuant to Law No. 6183.

  • Obligation to Notify Status Changes

According to the 10th article of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Law numbered 5174, "Those who are obliged to register to the chambers must notify the chambers they are registered in, within one month, of any changes that occur in their situation and that are required to be registered and announced according to the Turkish Commercial Code. The relevant chamber, which receives information about an issue that is obligatory to be registered with the trade registry but has not been registered in the legal form and time, notifies the relevant trade registry office of the situation of those who do not fulfill this legal obligation to make the necessary registry changes.

The trade registry office is obliged to take the necessary actions upon this notification. "

  • Record Suspension:

It continues in the aforementioned article, “The names of those whose addresses and status have not been determined for two years prior to the current year and the names of the members who have not paid dues during this period are deleted from the profession groups and voter lists by the decision of the chamber board of directors; dues accruals are suspended. The board of directors of the chamber is responsible for the fulfillment of the provision of this paragraph in January of each year.

Within two years from the beginning of the year following the decision of the chamber board of directors mentioned in the above paragraph, if the relevant person does not inform the chamber of his / her address and status by applying to the chamber, the trade registry office shall be notified with the proposal of the chamber board of directors and the decision of the council to delete the trade registry record ex officio. The room registration is deemed to have been deleted as of the first day of the month following the notification. Members who notify their status within this period are accrued dues. However, those in this situation cannot be re-registered on the voter lists unless they pay all their dues. ''

It is called. For this reason, our Members are required to immediately inform our Chamber of any changes in address, articles of association, structure, partners, etc. Especially if address and phone changes are not notified, there are problems in reaching our Members.