Tahsin BECAN Chairman of the Board [email protected] 0 226 814 12 24

After the second quarter of 2018, there have been many developments that we did not foresee for our business world. We have passed through a troubled period due to the fluctuation in the exchange rate our country has faced with the influence of foreign countries, but I believe that we will overcome this process in a short time with the measures taken by our country's officials and successful practices.

Our country has achieved a rapid growth trend with very successful moves in the last 20 years, but with this growth, a rapid consumption has occurred, our use of credit and expenditures have increased, while we should be production-oriented, we have become consumption-oriented. In order for our businesses not to face economic difficulties, we must do our business planning well, identify the problems well, and take our future measures. He lived a very fluctuations in Turkey's economy bygone era, but every time we were in the bildi.bug the private sector's emerged stronger from the downturn with contributions thanks to measures taken by our government in this difficult process in a short time, our belief that we will be complete.

As a country, we should protect our unity and solidarity, we should use our own resources and the power of the Turkish Private Sector more efficiently, and we should base our economy on more solid foundations with a focus on savings, production and exports. First of all, as Yalova, we must produce more than we consume in our country and work to export more than we import.

The measures taken by our Government as Yalova Chamber of Commerce will continue to support the most powerful way, more work we will further strive to produce, we will continue to grow stronger by managing along this process well, we will be a stronger Yalova and Turkey.