Yalova is a city close to the provinces of Istanbul, Kocaeli and Bursa in terms of its geographical location. Yalova, which is connected to other cities by road, seaway and airline facilities, has many advantages with its geographical location in transportation and its proximity to certain centers.

The city, which is located between the provinces of Bursa, İstanbul, Kocaeli has an intensive passenger entry and exit via highway and seaway. Yalova has an important position on the way of Europe and Istanbul to the Aegean and Mediterranean.

It is connected to the neighboring cities of Bursa and Kocaeli with Yalova highway connections. In Yalova, both connections to the districts and all connections to neighboring provinces are provided by asphalt roads. The highway connection with Bursa province, located in the south of Yalova, is both bend and bumpy because it passes over the Samanlı mountains. Efforts to increase and expand the standards of this busy road are ongoing. With Yalova-Bursa connection, it is possible to reach the Aegean and Mediterranean regions from Yalova in addition to the Central Anatolia region. Yalova-Kocaeli highway connection is another important connection of Yalova that opens to Istanbul and Central Anatolia. The total road network in Yalova province is 334 km. 90 km of this network is state roads and 179 km of village roads. 288 km of the road network is asphalt, 43 km is stabilized and 3 km is leveled; 133 km of village roads are asphalt, 43 km are stabilized and 3 km are leveled roads.

Yalova'nın çevre il ve ilçelere uzaklığı; Yalova's distance to the surrounding provinces and districts;

  • Yalova-Bursa : 69 km Yalova-Bursa: 69 km
  • Yalova-Gemlik : 43 km Yalova-Gemlik: 43 km
  • Yalova-Orhangazi : 21 km Yalova-Orhangazi: 21 km
  • Yalova-Karamürsel : 30 km Yalova-Karamursel: 30 km
  • Yalova-Gölcük : 50 km Yalova-Golcuk: 50 km
  • Yalova-Kocaeli : 63 km Yalova-Kocaeli: 63 km
  • Yalova-İstanbul : 174 km Yalova-Istanbul: 174 km

Yalova is a coastal province, it is open to sea transportation and passenger and cargo transportation is carried out between Istanbul and Yalova by seaway. While only passenger transportation is carried out between Yalova and Istanbul with City Lines Passenger Ferry and Sea Buses, vehicle and passenger transportation with Car Ferry, Freight, passenger, and vehicle transportation are carried out. Regular Express and Sea Buses are available from Yalova to Istanbul and Kartal. In addition, there are Ferries from Yalova to Yenikapı, Ferries to Pendik and Ferryboats from Topçular to Eskihisar.

The construction of the marina has started on November 9, 1996 in Yalova, and the construction works are still continuing. With the completion of the construction, the activity of the region for tourism will increase and approximately 300 yachts of different sizes will be able to benefit from the port.

Yalova does not have airline transportation opportunities today. However, there is an airport on the Yalova-Kocaeli highway, which belongs to the Air Force Academy.