Happy January 10 Working Journalists Day


Chairman of the Board of YTSO Tahsin Becan congratulated all local and national press members working in our province on January 10, Working Journalists' Day.

President Becan emphasized that the journalism profession is one of the difficult but honorable professions that requires responsibility, sacrifice and conscience, and said that the press is one of the indispensable institutions of democracy. Stating that the profession of journalism, which is the voice and conscience of the nation, has gained different dimensions with technological developments, President Becan said that journalism is a difficult and grueling profession, regardless of the concept of time, in order for our journalists to become aware of the public awareness and to be aware of the developments during the new type of coronovirus (Kovid-19) epidemic He noted that he was performing his profession devotedly.

Our local press, which has an important past and experience, is one of our important guides, who contribute to us with their suggestions and criticisms in our work, and play a role in the development of our city beyond the development in every sense. With these thoughts, I congratulate the entire press community, especially the local press employees who contribute to the social, cultural and economic developments of Yalova with their work, and wish you success in their work.